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Get the Job Done with ZoKa Project Management.

We’re not just about managing projects; we’re about creating a roadmap to your project’s success. We offer a “get it done, have fun” atmosphere, prioritizing the delivery of top-notch results while maintaining a real and productive workplace.

Unlike average consultants who clock out after setup, we stick around as your trusted partners. At ZoKa, we become an integral part of your project management processes, tackling the tasks you don’t have time for or struggle to accomplish. Our partnership extends beyond the initial setup – we offer ongoing support that evolves and adapts with you and your projects. 

Partner with ZoKa and experience project management redefined—a blend of excellence, camaraderie, and continuous growth.

Give your company the Power to Flex with ZoKa!

Jacquelyn Elder,

CEO of Zoka

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Project Management challenges aren't obstacles; they're growth opportunities.

At ZoKa, we tackle challenges head-on, fostering a culture of grit and achievement. Our project management support encourages pushing boundaries and celebrating wins along the way.

We’ll shoulder the load, providing targeted support tailored to your project needs.

Flexible Engagements

Get the support you need, when you need it, as often as you need it. We offer flexible engagements so you only pay for what you need.

Industry Experience

10+ years of project management experience in the construction industry means we understand your project’s unique challenges.

Procore Certified Consultants

We’re Procore Certified, but we won’t bail after your system is built. We’ll tailor training, templates, and tasks to your specific needs.

Hands-On Support

We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves. Count on us to be by your side, coordinating, training, and delivering dependable results.

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Our PMO Process

ZoKa's PMO Process

Step 1: Step 1:
Step 2: Step 2:
Step 3: Step 3:
Step 4: Step 4:
Step 5: Step 5:
Step 6: Step 6:

Define the organizations needs for a PMO

  • Purpose, Objectives, and Scope

Level set

  • In-person visit to speak with all levels of the organization on workflows
  • Documentation of current processes


  • Mapping of current processes with identification of key areas of change, low hanging fruit, and evolution


  • Discussing which changes to implement, timeframes, and visibility


  • Includes set up of new processes as well as training


  • Continuous evaluation of current processes through data and communication with those involved in the processes and tweaking processes as needed or developing new.
Software Enterprise

ZoKa's Process

Step 1: Step 1:
Step 2: Step 2:
Step 3: Step 3:
Step 4: Step 4:
Step 5: Step 5:
Step 6: Step 6:
Step 7: Step 7:

Define the organizations needs in relation to the software integration

  • Purpose, Objectives, and Scope
    • Are we starting for scratch or redefining and executing?
    • Timeframe Expectations

Level set

  • Quick overview on project totals
    • Ex: Number of Projects, Number of submittals, Number of users, etc.

Quote on scope

Acceptance and Compliance/Contract Items

Kick Off Call

  • Running through objectives and scope again, but further granular detail


  • Execution on Scope - This includes executing on the scope as well as any training needs

Maintaining/On-Going Support

  • We remain an advocate should you need the power to flex (huge influx of projects, addition of another Procore module, etc.

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