PMO Related Questions

A group or department that defines and maintains the standards of project management for a company. They retain the documentation and metrics for executing projects and are tasked with ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

According to the PMI Institute, there are five different types of PMOs. 

    • Enterprise PMO
    • Departmental PMO
    • Individual PMO
    • Supportive PMO
    • Controlling PMO
  • This is dependent on the level and type of the PMO within the organization.
    • + Standardization of project management process
      •   - Centralized approach to projects helps ensure clarity and consistent accurate results.
    • + Support project implementation
      •   - PMOs are typically tasked with identifying and training PMs and providing support. This produces better trained staff which helps ensure project success.
    • + Provide a consolidated view of all projects
    • + Plan and schedule resources efficiently
    • + Strategic Management and Governance
      •   - Aligns your execution with the strategic vision.


  • - An outsourced PMO can be more predictable for your bottom line and is potentially more cost effective in the short-term.
  • - Your company doesn’t need to source talent and go through employee onboarding, plus you don’t need to significantly increase headcount.
  • - The outsourced company is unlikely to have internal conflicts and will be purely focused on the delivery of the PMO function.
  • - The company can be protected with SLAs within the contract to ensure delivery and that value will be added.


  • - Your organization could loses control of your project processes.
  • - You’re unlikely to develop the in-house skills and abilities and will rely on outsourcing in the long-term.
  • - The contracted office may have a cultural and strategic disconnect from your business which makes for challenging relationships.
  • - Without an airtight contract, the outsourcing company can lack accountability for issues, blaming your internal processes instead.

ZoKa Related Questions

Primarily within construction, but we do have clients in the energy realm and assist other consultants.

Flexibility is the name of the game. With the power to flex, we can bill our customers hourly so they have the extra support when needed, but during slow times you only pay for what is utilized. We scale with you.

Collectively we have over 15 years of experience.

Specifically, Jacq has been in project management/strategic initiatives for 10+ years. Lauren has been in the construction industry for 8 years.

Primarily we work with Procore. However, we do have experience with other software such as HubSpot, Bluebeam, Autodesk/PlanGrid, Service Titan

Absolutely! We have plenty of customers that started off utilizing our software
enterprise and moved into virtual project support to maintain the level they

No we do offer in person services as well. Our PMO service does require in-
person interaction. We also offer in-person training as well and check ins throughout the year. Again, it really depends on the needs of our client.

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