Insights from Our Clients: What They Say About ZoKa Solutions Project Management

Insights from Our Clients: What They Say About Zoka Solutions Project Management


At ZoKa Solutions, we take pride in delivering exceptional project management and Procore services to our clients. Today, we’re thrilled to share testimonials from three satisfied clients who have experienced the value of our services firsthand.

Testimonial 1: XCeed CRE

Tom Williams from XCeed CRE commends our thorough understanding of project requirements, attention to detail, and ability to inspire contractors. He emphasizes our extensive knowledge and outstanding communication skills and recommends ZoKa Solutions to anyone seeking results-oriented project management.


“From the very beginning, ZoKa Solutions demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our project’s requirements, objectives, and constraints.  Their attention to detail was impressive, ensuring that no aspect was overlooked, which greatly contributed to the project’s success.  They managed our general contractor, inspiring them to perform at their best and fostering a productive work environment …Overall, working with ZoKa Solutions has been a truly exceptional experience.” 


Testimonial 2: Edon Construction Inc.


John Zigulich, Senior Superintendent at Edon Construction Inc., expresses his gratitude for our partnership, calling it the best decision of the year. He acknowledges ZoKa Solutions’ expertise in ProCore, submittals, RFI management, scheduling, and meeting facilitation. John highlights our ability to exceed expectations and provide invaluable support.


“Not only has ZoKa Solutions completed their contract work without hesitation, they have superseded our expectations. Jacquelyn Elder (CEO) has knowledge of construction that supersedes my own and I have 40 plus years of experience.  Not only were they able to help with ProCore, submittals, RFI’s, document setup, and organize our lives…  I know they have my back.”

Testimonial 3: e2 Companies

James Richmond, CEO of e2 Companies, praises our ability to enhance existing processes and develop higher reliability standards. He contrasts our practical approach with traditional Six Sigma consulting, emphasizing our ability to deliver real-time value without unnecessary complexity.


Working with ZoKa means…

Project Management and Industry Expertise

Clients appreciate our deep understanding of project requirements and objectives and meticulous attention to detail. 

Procore Services Expertise

Our clients highlight our Procore expertise and ability to streamline processes, manage documentation, and facilitate communication. 

Our Project Management Services deliver RESULTS

Our clients value our commitment to delivering tangible results and adding value to their projects.


The testimonials from our clients serve as a testament to the value that ZoKa Solutions brings to construction projects. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with such esteemed clients and are committed to exceeding their expectations. 


If you’re considering partnering with ZoKa Solutions, we encourage you to contact us to learn how we can add value to your project!