Software Enterprise Solutions with Procore

Where Precision Meets Progress: Embrace Our Software Enterprise Solutions for Construction.

ZoKa redefines construction project management with our Procore Enterprise services. Our tailored approach ensures seamless integration, efficient operations, and unparalleled support throughout your Procore journey.

Our Process:

Custom Implementation of Procore:

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our experts work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and customize the Procore implementation to suit your needs.

Detailed Data Migration:

Transitioning to a new system can be daunting, but our meticulous data migration process ensures a smooth transition and preserves your valuable project data with precision and accuracy.

Dashboard Creation:

Gain real-time insights into your projects with custom-built dashboards designed to provide actionable intelligence at a glance. Track progress, monitor key metrics, and make informed decisions with confidence.

Reporting Tools Creation:

Empower your team with powerful reporting tools that extract meaningful insights from your project data. From progress reports to financial analysis, we create customized reporting solutions to meet your evolving needs.

Team Training and Documentation:

Knowledge is power. We provide comprehensive training sessions at all levels, providing detailed documentation to empower your team to harness Procore’s full potential. This ensures proficiency and efficiency, giving you top-to-bottom synergy.

What Sets Us Apart:

Beyond Implementation Support:

We’re not just consultants; we’re partners in your success. Beyond setting you up with Procore, we remain by your side, identifying areas that need additional support and rolling up our sleeves to get the job done. We are aligned from the top brass to the bottom of the totem pole, finding you small wins while moving the needle on larger strategic initiatives

Integral to Daily Operations:

We seamlessly integrate into your daily operations, becoming an indispensable part of your team. Let us take the burden off your shoulders, providing fractional support exactly where you need it along your roadmap to success.

Consistent Value Delivery:

We prioritize providing consistent value over merely giving directives and walking away. Our unwavering commitment to your success ensures that you continually reap the benefits of our expertise and support. We can take on the parts of your system that you don’t have the time or manpower for.

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Benefits of Utilizing Certified Procore Experts:


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