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ZoKa’s Virtual Project Support service is designed to streamline your project coordination and enhance efficiency at every stage. Streamline Your Construction Projects with Virtual Project Support.

What is Virtual Project Support?

Virtual Project Support is the backbone of effective project management. We act as an extension of your team. Our Virtual Project Support service provides comprehensive administrative assistance to Project Managers (PMs) while offering personalized support tailored to your project’s unique needs. From monitoring submittal workflows and schedules to organizing files and providing critical status updates, our team ensures seamless coordination and keeps your projects on track.

The Benefits of Utilizing Virtual Project Support:

Our Virtual Project Support Services Include:

Comprehensive Administrative Assistance:

We handle the nitty-gritty administrative tasks so your PMs can focus on strategic decision-making and project execution.

Monitoring Submittal Workflows:

Ensure timely submission and approval of project documentation with our diligent monitoring of submittal workflows.

Scheduling Support:

Stay on top of project timelines and milestones with our scheduling support, ensuring efficient project progress.

Task Management:

We assist in organizing and managing project tasks, ensuring everything runs smoothly and deadlines are met.

File Organization:

Our comprehensive file organization services are designed to bring order and efficiency to your digital and physical documents. We specialize in decluttering and organizing all types of files, whether they’re stored on your computer, in the cloud, or in filing cabinets. We will create a streamlined filing system tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that all important files are stored securely and can be found quickly. Additionally, we provide digital solutions, such as scanning and digitizing paper documents, setting up cloud storage systems, and implementing backup protocols to safeguard your data. Our goal is to simplify your file management process, save you time, and enhance your productivity.

Critical Status Updates:

Receive timely and actionable status updates on project progress, allowing for informed decision-making and proactive risk management.

Construction Project Coordination Made Easy

Our Virtual Project Support goes beyond administrative assistance; it’s about streamlining construction project coordination. By putting information into systems, organizing data, and providing personalized support, we ensure smoother project execution and enhanced stakeholder collaboration. Our clients stick with us because of our:

Unlock. Streamline. Simplify.

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